It is about your interest and responsibility as a member that we are making these documents accessible  so that you will be better informed about our status as a corporation. Many of these documents were also printed for distribution but for some reason, perhaps  have not reached your hands.  We shall add more documents as deemed necessary.  If you have any questions, connect with us in any of the ways we have listed under the page ‘CONTACT US’.

`We have had a major problem as can be explained by these  information and so I will encourage you to pray to God and not despair.

Our first goal is to prevent a division in our beloved PGCAG. A kingdom divided against itself will not stand, therefore we will uphold our structures and institutions, and the Constitution and By-Laws of the PGCAG that orders our organization as ONE.

Make an intelligent decision, based on these documents. Resist any attempt by ANYONE, may they be fellow members or even officers, who will try to divide us into camps; or take our renewals away from PGCAG membership into another camp; or divert our financial contribution to an office other than the PGCAG office in Malinta!’  (GS Rey Calusay, portion of Letter dated  October 27, 2011)