GMC Italy & Greece

On June 25, 2007 the executive presbytery of the PGCAG approved (EP 21-07) a new district called the Global District Council (GDC). This district will provide an opportunity for Filipino churches outside the Philippines to be formally linked with PGCAG.  At present Filipino A/G churches from eight countries have signified their interest to be part of GDC.  An organizing convention is being planned to gather the constituents of this new district.

Italy & Greece Section Organized!

The Italy & Greece Section of the Global District Council of the PGCAG was formally organized last October 10, 2009 in Milan, Italy. Appointed officers are Rev. Samuel Ulap (presbyter) and Rev. Domingo Daniel (secretary-treasurer).  Other pastors in this section include Ptr. Oscar Dangwil (Athens, Greece), Ptr. Elmer Cayampas (Athens, Greece), Ptr. Edgar Manglibo (Milan, Italy), and Marites Omaoeng (Milan, Italy).  The officers were installed by Rev.Dr. Joseph Suico, General Secretary, PGCAG at the 4th Church Anniversary of Milan A/G in Milan, Italy on October 11, 2009.



The following churches are now formally registered with the Italy & Greece Section of GDC:


New church added:

A/G Tabernacle of Praise, Via Engenio 29, Quartere Spagnoli, 80034 Napoli, Italy

Ronald Respicio – Senior Pastor
Other Ministers:
Ferdinand Ganela
Ronald Agonoy
George Madriaga
Loida Barril


29 thoughts on “GMC Italy & Greece

  1. Good day,

    I am Mark from Saudi Arabia we are having fellowships under Assembly of God, in behalf i would like to know on how would this church shall be recognized and exist outside Philippine soil

  2. Glory to God! for He is great and mighty!
    We”re praying that he will containue to bless this Global District for his glory. Athens Greece

  3. Yes, he’s already on the list. O ano, kailan ka tutulong? Txt me na lang. It was good seeing you at the convention.

  4. To God be the glory!

    Seeing thing s in God’s perspective!

    Thanks for all your powerful prayers!

    May His wonderful WILL be always done.

    Greetings from,
    Faith AG Dubai

    Rev. Jesse

  5. From: Ichthus Fellowship Hong Kong. Sir, are we included in the list for the GDC? If yes, can we secure a supporting papers from PGCAG to support our visa application for a resident pastor here in Hong Kong. Thanks and God bless.

  6. Glory to God in the highest, His love and mercies endures forever. We’re so glad that GDC-UAE had already started and rooted with prayers and vision that this will be the beginning of AG’s diaspora in the Middle east.

    Rev Rewell

  7. Rev. Lachaona,

    Our GS Rey Calusay and I will be in HK from Jan. 24 – Feb. 2, 2009. We’ll be meeting some A/G pastors in HK to discuss GDC with them. Would you contact ICA Fil-Min, Rev. OP Guevara so you can join?

    Joseph Suico

  8. I am Ptr. Arsenio Baay, The first Assemblies of God pastor in eastern province of Saudi Arabia. Founded and Pastored Spring of Living Water Assemblies of God Church.

    My license had been expired for 3 years; due to, lack of time to renew it. Am I required to renew it?

    I work underground fellowship without having support from general council. How could we get support from the council?

    Previously I was part of south eastern district council of the Assemblies of God in ComVal Province. Currently i am not residing on the said place. My current address in the Philippines -Antique

    Give me advice what to do?

  9. Dear Co-Laborers,

    Here’s our address of worship incase we have Co-Missionaries wanted to be part of Macro Vision here in Dubai;
    Faith AG Claridge Hotel Fish Roundabouts Deira Dubai

    Our church started last May 2007

    Rev. Jesse

    Contact Numbers: +97150-7933115; +97150-6876386

  10. Rev. Joseph,

    I am thankful for that oppotunity to be a part of this Global District Council and our church here in Dubai is more willing to continue the Vision for His Glory!

    Truly this GDC is a big help for all of us missionaries around the world! Now I found my home! It’s just like a click away to get in touch to our beloved homebase PGCAG.

    Keep it up CLDC! More harvest to follow in this year and the years to come.

    Miss ko na ang bayan ko but I have to obey the Owner of that Vineyard.

    Rev. Jesse

  11. can we attached pictures of our achievements? guys our work here in Saudi is so exciting, and power of God displayed. Glory,,,,,you can imagine how God miraculously heal the sick and save people fro sin. to God be the glory…

  12. Sir, sori am home in the Philippines but our NELDC District Superintendent, Rev. Laurence H. Nanglegan is in Hong Kong for Ichthus Anniversary. 29153265. thanks and God bless.

  13. Dear fellow tentmakers and missionaries,
    We thank the Lord for sending the macro – vision of PGCAG GDC to UAE and we can now jointly spread the peg of His purpose in this part of the globe, any message for any brethrens coming to UAE, please relay to us for them to be assisted.

    In His service,
    Rev Rewell S. Castro
    JTRCF – AG
    Dubai UAE

  14. Hey guys!

    Me and my fellow pastors here in Macau were also excited for our new district called GDC. We had a priveleged to talked to Ptr Rey & Ptr Joseph last Jan 29 in ICA-Hong Kong during their church summit. Count us in! This is really God’s blessing for us.

  15. We thank the Lord God Almighty for having good leaders that are working for the launching of the GDC. We met Rev. Rey Calusay & Rev. Joseph Suico in Hong Kong who talked about the visions of AG. The news about the GDC is most welcome among AG pastors in Hong Kong.

  16. Dear Dr. Suico, I already submitted my application as ordained minister under Global District in your office. I wonder if you have received it? I wanted to attend this Convention in Cebu this May however, I just returned from P.I. last Jan. 21 and it is hard since I am still Immigrant here in the U.S.A.

    More blessings to your Convention and with love and prayers.
    Evang.Dr.Eufemio M. Montejo
    Stockton, CA

  17. Attention: Evang. Dr. Eufemio M. Montejo:

    Dear Dr. Montejo,

    I am very glad of this GDC link that we can contact fellow ministers all over the globe.

    I am Pastor Alfredo G. Torres, the present Asst. District Supt. of Northern Luzon District Council (NLDC) of the PGCAG. Last August to December 2008, the Lord opened ways for me to visit churches in California and a friend invited me to preach in his church and stayed in his house in Stockton but not AOG, i asked them if there are AOG in the area but we were not able to locate one.

    With this, may i humbly request your contact number. Thank you very much. Hoping to hear from you.

    Take care because i care,
    Rev. Alfredo G. Torres

  18. I would like to correspond with Mark and Rev.Jess Medina. I am also based in KSA but is attached to a non-AG group. My wife is also pastoring an AG -affiliated church in STDC. Grateful for your assistance. Bro. Jim

  19. Hi Co- Laborers,
    We’re glad we can be a part of this GDC, we hope and pray tha we can impact the world thru missions as soon as possible to redeem the time, let’s work together and help each other by any means.

    We salute you from Dubai, God’s Way Fellowship.

    Ptr. Bonifacio Baldoman

  20. Hi,
    I am looking at a future job in Kuwait City? Are there any AG affiliated churches or AG ministers in Kuwait city? I have been to Kuwait before but did not attend church in the city. Not sure because of the sensitive nature of the question if you can post it here so go ahead and send me an e-mail @ Would prefer to stay with an AG church or minister because of the sound doctrine!
    Bro Mike

  21. GenSec J. Suico:

    Greetings from Fair Havens International Christian Assembly (FHICA), Seoul, Korea!

    Glad to learn about the approval of a Global District Council (GDC) to link Filipino churches overseas to our PGCAG. This one is really needed to oversee AG churches that are operating overseas.

    We are praying for the success of this new district.

    Pastor Rollie V.

  22. Rev. Joseph Suico,
    GDC/ gencil secretary

    Ptr Joseph,

    Thank you very much for coming to kalibo for my commissioning service last feb. 25, 2009.
    Thanks also for sharing the Global District Council vision and our partnership possibility.
    Today, i am already here in FUJI-SHI, SHIZUOKA-KEN, JAPAN pionering a church. were renting a theater for our worship service. Our discipleship class is done in different houses. 90% of our attenders are filipino and 10% japanese. we have 40 average attendance.
    Every thursday, i have a class on japanese language. i hope i could learn fast.
    I`ve have a meeting with the aog ditrict & general superintindent and suggest to me to make an aggreement between aog japan and phil. Pls give me advice. If endorsement will do, can i request? if ok. Pls send me.
    Thank you very much

    Ptr Johnny Sato Gallos
    Japan, shizuoka-ken, fuji-shi,
    tadejara 77-7 ID court fuji 306
    tel # (081)0545-67-1363

  23. hello there im planting a church here in australia hopefully be part of global district kita kits na lang po tayo sa convention.

  24. Pol,

    Yes, I’ll see you in Cebu. It was good to be speaking at your district council in Surigao. The pastors’ commitment to the ministry really inspired me. We missed you.

    Joseph Suico

  25. Pastor Joseph,

    We miss you po dito sa A/G athens! hpe to see you sa convention in cebu, do wala p po confirmation kung mkkaatend po kasi wala pang reservation s accomodation ko but im eager to attend po.

  26. I discover this sight while browsing for any news from the recent PGCAG Convention. I’m glad we have this GDC moving. And this sight is good for getting in touch with other Filipinos working for God all over the whole. Congrats Baddoor!

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