CA Decision

WHEREFORE, premises considered, the petition is GRANTED. The Decision dated July 16, 2014 of the Regional Trial Court of Valenzuela City, branch 75 in Civil Case No. 239-V-11 and 7-V-12 is hereby REVERSED and SET ASIDE.  In lieu thereof, another is entered ordering the following:

  1. The lifting of the suspension of Rev. Sobrepena and his assumption as Acting General Superintendent/President, as valid;
  2. The removal of Rev. Calusay and Rev. Suico as General Superintendent/President and General Secretary, respectively, as valid;
  3. The removal of Rev. Calusay and Rev. Suico as members of the Board of Trustees as null and void;
  4. The Triennial Meeting and election called by Rev. Sobrepena as valid;
  5. The elected members of the Board of Trustees in the April 16-19, 2012 Triennial membership meeting are authorized to act for and on behalf of the Philippines General Council of the Assemblies of God (PGCAG) and to exercise all acts of ownership or administration with respect to the funds and properties of the PGCAG, including being a signatory to the bank accounts of PGCAG.



 Associate Justice



(SGD) RAMON R. GARCIA                            (SGD) LEONCIA R. DIMAGIBA

 Associate Justice                                              Associate Justice


Pursuant to Article VIII, Section 13 of the Constitution, it is hereby certified that the conclusions in the above decision were reached in consultation before the case was assigned to the writer of the opinion of the Court.


Associate Justice

Chairperson, Fifteenth Division


PGCAG GS Rev. Rey  Calusay and AGS Rev.Joseph Suico were speakers in the General Council Convention of Korean Assemblies of God under Dr. Yong Moc Cho in Seoul, Korea last May 20-23, 2013.

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Saturation Challenge is the PGCAG vision to see and Assembly of God church planted in every city, town and barangay of the Philippines. The specific goal for 2013 is to plant 100 new churches. This goal  is being acted upon through a nationwide church planting using the SOS church planting strategy this summer. Half of the 2013 goal of 100   new church plants will be planted this summer 2013, spread out in 14 host districts. The remaining half of the goal will be easily reached through the second mile program and the `plant another church’ program by participating churches. The districts of NWVDC and WVDC will be sending districts. These two districts are raising up volunteers to help the local volunteers in the different host districts.

Download list in pdf format: SOS 2013 Target Places. Final

Target Places 2013.Final