The Court has Spoken on the PGCAG Intra-Corporate Case

All Members & Affiliated Churches
of PGCAG, Inc.


After almost three years of grueling wait, Valenzuela Regional Trial Court has finally rendered its decision on Civil Case No.7-V-12 and copy of the decision was received August 28, 2014. The court ruled on our favor and ordered the following:

1) Nullifying the removal from office of Revs Reynaldo Calusay and Joseph Suico by the BOT led by David Sobrepeña;
2) Nullifying the lifting of the Suspension Order of David Sobrepeña and his assumption as Acting General Superintendent;
3) Nullifying the triennial meeting and election called by the group of David Sobrepeña; and
4) Upholding the right of Rev. Reynaldo Calusay, the rightful General Superintendent, to call the 2012 Triennial Convention, declaring the election results held during this convention as valid and the Board of Trustees elected as authorized to designate the authorized signatories for and in behalf of PGCAG.

Hallelujah! The Lord has truly been gracious and affirmed the mandate of our current officers. All of you had risked your stake in this struggle – all of you have been in the painful wait and prayer. This victory is yours and worth the celebration.

The next thing to winning this case, of course, is winning back our churches and ministers, gathering the fragments, renouncing hate and vindictiveness, allowing forgiveness and healing to take place, and restoring order in all our district and national councils.

Our Board of Trustees, in our last meeting, has outlined the appropriate steps to take as we anticipated this court ruling. Our Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) also may now plan an efficient way to process the people who intend to come back to work with us.

And let us all join our leaders in praying and in their effort to refocus our movement towards our priority reason for being.

Thank you very much, and praying with you for revival and for a great harvest!

Rev. Reynaldo Calusay
General Superintendent/President

Here’s the official letter: The Court has Spoken