FUND GENERATION: We will need to build the funding for this action plan. 

  1. Give everyone an opportunity to help. Challenge our movement locally and internationally to contribute. Build the partnership based on common concern. Use emails, internet, social networks, pictures, videos, etc.
  2. Centralize Fund Collection and Delivery of Services. This will ensure synergy, clarify accountability and avoid duplication. Designate authorized named persons; authorize named accounts to receive contributions.
  3. Policy of Truth and Transparency: In promotion and reporting, in recording and accounting of transactions; Document the process.
  4. Review and evaluate regularly and to increase the appeal if necessary. Report the progress to sponsors and donors.

Let me outline what we want to do in terms of helping the Churches and their Communities.We Will Rebuild!

      1. Relief Operation

  • (Food/Water going on along with medical teams as needed) This is only for a short time and since government and most NGO’s are engaged in this, duplication is not necessary.

      2. Rehabilitation Stage

  • As urgent as #1, the need for shelter and housing would be the biggest hurdle, but the most strategic in helping the brethren. Shelters: thousand lost their homes and impossible to retrieve the materials. They cannot stay for long in evacuation centers (which is already clogging and diseases can erupt anytime). We must help purchase housing materials. Rationale:If our church people can be helped this way, we can free them to help others in their communities. Let’s rehabilitate their churches and their homes.

      3. Recovery Stage.

  • Let’s also help those who lost their livelihood and their savings. Farmers lost their crops and fishermen their boats. It is strategic to help them bounce back in order to be productive again. Most victims lost hope when they lose their chance to recover economically. (in Japan, they just commit suicide). A little capitalization to restart seeds, or whatever would empower our people.