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1 SACRED – I treat it as a gift from democratic institutions that permit me to say something through a vote. It is a solemn trust for which a citizen is accountable to God and country (Samuel Adams). It is a priceless gift – it has no price tag, and not for sale.
2 SECRET – I should be free to express my choice in the secret ballot. Unless I am myself campaigning for a party or persons, I am under no pressure or persuasion to break the secrecy and privacy of my vote.
3 SECURE – I expect my vote to be guarded and counted – because the power and effect of my vote depend on this. I condemn cheating and all forms of manipulation to eliminate my voice. Democracy only works if the people’s vote is secure and protected. Individual votes should be counted with the rest.
4 SENSIBLE – I must give my vote to people I know to be highly competent, of exemplary character, “just men who will rule in the fear of God”. As a Christian, it is my privileged interest to vote and prefer Christians in governance.