LAMI Presentations, Workshops and Discussions

Presentations included that of the task forces created to implement the 8-Point Agenda of PGCAG: Task Force on Training and Disicpleship, Task force on Stewarship and Church Structure and Task Force on Missions and Church Planting.

On the third day, the Amendments Committe (called the 24 Elders) presented their proposed amendments to the PGCAG CBL.

CBL Amendments Presentation03CBL Amendments Presentation04CBL Amendments Presentation19CBL Amendments Presentation14CBL Amendments Presentation15CBL Amendments Presentation13CBL Amendments Presentation12CBL Amendments Presentation07CBL Amendments Presentation05CBL Amendments Presentation07CBL Amendments Presentation06CBL Amendments Presentation09

Some  of the 24 Elders at the LAMI together with PGCAG Executives GS Rev. Rey Calusay, GSec Rev. Alex Fuentes and Atty. Jose  Michael Operario

CBL Amendments Presentation20