Rev. Reynaldo Calusay. PGCAG General Superintendent presented an eight-point agenda for the Philippines General Council of the Assemblies of God. Consequently, the General Superintendent with the concurrence of the Executive Presbytery has formed commissions and appointed commission heads to promote and facilitate the pursuance of the eight point agenda. The first in the list of eight is Pentecostal Prayer Commission headed by Rev. Abraham Condes Visca.

Pentecostal Prayer & Revival
• There is an observed decline on the Pentecostal emphasis and practice in the churches. There is a need for revival in the churches of the miraculous and the supernatural manifestations of God. Even among the credentialed ministers, there are many who indicated that they have not been baptized in the Holy Spirit, but only “seeking.
• The AoG was started as a Pentecostal movement. Its engine is prayer and its power is in the Person of the Holy Spirit in the individual believers and therefore in the whole church. “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the LORD of hosts.” –ZEC 4:6
• The LORD defined the equipment of the Church as it fulfills its mission on earth: the “coming upon” them of the Holy Spirit! ACT 1:8.
• As a Pentecostal movement, we should pursue the experience of Baptism in the Spirit with speaking in other tongues, according to ACT 2:4 (also ACT 10:45-47). We should train the church how to enter into the supernatural work of God. We should employ the supernatural gifts not only in building up of the believers but also in evangelizing the lost.
• We should train the church how to walk and be led by the Holy Spirit. The flesh profits for nothing. We should promote Pentecostal conferences, prayer meetings, revival meetings – where we share our testimonies and encourage the Church to expect the presence and participation of the Holy Spirit in all our work.