Signs of the New Awakening

New Awakening’ was not just a theme for the PGCAG 2012 Triennial Convention. It is what we believe God will bring in our time. It is what God is ready to do in these days. The waves of revival have started to roll like waves from the ocean coming into the land, they will keep coming in. Missionary Debbie Johnson shared these words during the  last AGMF annual meeting. GS Rey was present and asked permission to have this published to encourage us all.  Signs of the new awakening are evident, and many more on the way.

Awakening during the 2012 convention, April 2012

Awakening in Olongapo SOS Training, April 2012

Awakening in Eastern Capiz Youth Camp, May 2012

Awakening in Bataan Celebration of Pentecost, June 2012