Signing of Iloilo Declaration of Purpose

On the second day of the PGCAG 2012 Triennial   convention, a declaration of purpose  was adopted  thru a resolution. Over a thousand signatures were affixed in the said document along with the signatures of the AGWM missionaries.

CPU, Jaro, Iloilo, April 26, 2012

We, the duly constituted undersigned Ordained Ministers, Official Church delegates, Missionaries, Conventioneers, and all other bona fide members of the Philippines General Council of the Assemblies of God, Inc., today, have come to this “New Awakening” Triennial Convention fully aware of the crisis besetting our organization, hereby declare and manifest through this document the following:
1. We fully support one PGCAG, Inc.;
2. We shall continue to uphold the PGCAG Constitution and By-laws, support and respect its duly elected Executive Officers present in this convention and those who hereinafter shall be elected as GS, AGS, GENSEC, GTREAS, and BOT members;
3. We disapprove any attempt, or any move that would make the properties of the PGCAG, properties of every local Assembly, and the authority and/or privilege of every Minister (NSO CRASM, etc.) granted by the government of the Philippines be subject of a dispute or any conflict between leaders in the Sectional, District, and National levels;
4. We disapprove any attempt, or any move to sow confusion, division or factions in the PGCAG, and shall continue to resist all attempts to divide PGCAG, through every God mandated means that does not violate our PGCAG constitution and by-laws and the laws of the land;
5. We shall continue to honour pastoral directives from the hereinafter duly elected officers of the PGCAG in this Triennial Convention, and other official ecclesiastical orders they shall send from and/or bearing our official headquarters and office address at Malinta, Valenzuela City;
6. We fully support and approve resolving internal conflicts through the processes provided for in the Constitution and By-laws of PGCAG;
7. We shall support any move for reconciliation initiated and approved by our duly elected Executive Officers in this Triennial Convention.

We have read and completely understood the contents of this manifesto, otherwise known as the ILOILO DECLARATION OF PURPOSE, which we have signed in our own volition and accord, this 26th day of April at the Central Philippines University Rose Memorial Hall, Jaro, Iloilo City.