As early as  April 25, 2012, the second day of the convention, the election of the new set of PGCAG executive  officers was started. Rev. Gary Denbow chaired the election process who later turned it over to Rev. Reynaldo  A. Calusay after the later was placed in the position of General Superintendent after getting more than two thirds of the nominating ballot for the office. The entire election process was altogether peaceful, resolutions were readily passed unanimously.  Periods between casting of votes even provided ample time for fellowship and sharing.  The complete executive officers and BOT members elected are as follows:

Executive Officers:

General Superintendent. – Rev. Rey Calusay
Assistant General  Superintendent – Rev. Joseph Suico
General Secretary – Rev. Alex Fuentes
General Treasurer – Rev. Rene Cagadas

Board of Trustees:

Rev. Walter Caput
Rev. Jun Lacaden
Rev. Laurence Nanglegan
Rev. Gerry Cruz
Rev. Edgar Germo
Rev. Teody Largo
Rev. Jino Lumbo
Rev.  Esther Cebuala
Rev. Herson Niog
Rev. Pat Sanchez
Rev. Eduardo Roperos