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The text reads:

GenSec  Joseph Suico
The coming three weeks of January are important for PGCAG – assessment and approval of credentials, legal matters pertaining to banks, SEC and NSO, and planning and preparations for the upcoming convention in April. Let us join the F.I.R.E. (Fervent Intercessors for Revival and Evangelism) warriors in making Jan. 16-21 and 23-28 as PRAYER AND FASTING WEEKS. As many of us will be working we can perhaps sikp certain meals for this purpose.

We need the Holy Spirit to continue giving us wisdom. It is HE who shapes the church – we belong to Christ. Let’s pray for a strong manifestation of the Spirit in our services and prayer meetings. And we can also PRAY for those who are actively criticizing our leadership – if they are of God, they’ll listen to the HOLY SPIRIT – He will also change US!   Be a part of F.I.R.E. and ask to be added if you’re not a member yet. Here’s an excerpt of an earlier notification regarding this prayer and fasting weeks:

TO ALL INTERCESSORS AND PRAYER WARRIORS:   “Let us begin this year 2012 by putting God first in our lives and ministries. Before setting or finalizing our goals for 2012, we must seek God first, offering Him the first fruits of our lives, our praise and thanksgiving. We will designate Jan. 16-21 and 23-28 as our PRAYER AND FASTING WEEKS. Please make these weeks as times of refreshing and resting in God’s presence. The year 2011 was a challenging year for us, we were involved in a series of spiritual battles. We need a fresh touch from God, a renewed strength and faith. More so, we need to hear from God. We are encouraging every intercessor to spend time with God, to just sit at His feet and experience His awesome presence.”