After U4YAH

I am praying that the just concluded Youth Convergence, U4YAH in Manila will continue to have an effect in the way our youth is devoting their lives. The touch of God was there. The direction of the Holy Spirit was there. The altars witnessed the hundreds of loud, and some silent, decisions for God. It is plain from what I see, that our Young-ones are encountering a crisis moment, and decided that God and serving Him would be the better choice.

Pray that this experience would not be a passing wind, that blows once and goes away, but that it would be the Wind of God blowing on sails of the saints, leading them to impact nations.

Pray that many of them will really pursue a lifetime vocation called ministry; that they follow the call of missions; that they will start running side by side with those who have already discovered the joy of serving God. Amen.

Rev. Rey Calusay, posted in U4YAH Facebook group.