SoS Prayer Items!

Rey Calusay (April 27, 2011)

Prayer Item: Support of the New Churchplant.

On May 2, we scheduled to meet with all the our District Superintendents. I am praying that all the 21 Districts of the Assemblies of God in the Philippines will be represented. Among other things in the AGENDA will be how to support the “New Baby” (so to speak).. the new church.

Pray that we will be good parents of these new churchplants. As you may observe, the hard work of plowing, seeding, watering and then harvesting of our SOS Teams is giving birth to a church.. I can testify that this is always true for 27 years of SOS history.

But this new Baby needs steady nurture, faithful vigil, change diapers, love and lots of love. You have to invest time, talents and treasure. People, we have to spend money for this new baby!

SOS is just a midwife work. Parenting is next. The Pioneering pastors must be supported, for at least 2 years. Monitoring of the work, for success must be done. This is called responsible parenting.

Pray then that we will all contribute for the support of the new churchplant. Pray for our District planners, church leaders, vision keepers, young professionals, businessmen, youth.. even the children. They can all help and support. Pray for this meeting in MAY 2.

Rey Calusay

Reporting from Libacao, Aklan: the SOS Team is excited about the positive response of the town. FD Arnold Ambrosio reports there are 88 good contacts and 49 on-going Bible Studies.

Prayer Needs: for the Housing of the workers and facility for church meeting. And the most important of all.. They need Ilonggo and Tagalog Bibles. We will start accepting donations in kinds (bibles) and cash – about P25 for New Testament.

Update in Libacao, Aklan:
The rain wasn’t able to hurdle God’s work. Volunteers painstakingly went and had their Bible studies. Some stayed because of the heavy rain. The Lord is doing great and mighty things not just here but also in other places. Our resounding prayers to all the SOS volunteers far and wide.

we have 70+ good contacts, 50+ opened bible studies and 30+ on going bible studies. To God be all the glory! Pray for these contacts!
Pray and believe for more: Since Today and tomorrow are holidays, there will be more people in their homes, people will have more time to spare. And in no other time of the the year when people are more open to religious and spiritual matters. Let us pray For more homes to open for Bible studies, for more hearts to open to the saving grace of The One who loved us enough to die for us. Pray for creativity and power of the Spirit upon the volunteers to bring forth the meaningfulness of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross in contrast to the meaningless and ritualistic practices that people do year after year.
The Luisita Team was not allowed to stay in Luisita, Tarlac by the three Barangays and their “powerful” Bgy Captains, in spite of the Girl-Power of their FD and the District leaders there. (Rev Genevieve Tilos, one of God’s best in SOS field) tried to reason but the politicians were unmovable (unreasonable, to me).

As Paul was prevented to go to Asia by the Holy Spirit, the Leadership of this team and district made a re-route to Concepcion, Tarlac… to yield and go fight another day.

SOS FDs are empowered to use their better judgment in cases like these and so it is in this, in the spirit of Romans 8:28 and James 5:15.

The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. This is our Father’s world and our message is applicable anywhere. I will pray and will believe about the greater outcome of this team in Concepcion, Tarlac. Please join me praying for them.

Zeny Calusay Additional report as of past nine last night from Benguet: 31 Bible studies. Reports are results of three days fieldwork.
We are having ‘Ang Huling Pitong Wika’ event 2moro. Grabbng the opportunity of the lenten season, making the cntcts excited. Pray 4 us. -teamplaridel.
Prayer Item: Pray for Siquijor Team – it seems that there are more people than what their housing can accommodate (ga-sinardinas sila – translated, congestion.. ). Pray that they will find a solution asap.