A Glocal Response to 40-Day Prayer & Fasting

Nilo Jaren Rose Lapasaran Praying for you Gen Supt & your Lead Team. Lifting u up as well as you speak in India World AG.

Ptr Eric K. Angeles Upholding the PGCAG

Ray Llarena We need a Holy Ghost visitation and the fire of revival in our churches in the Phil. We will pray for this. Nothing is impossible with God

Aogchurch Fuji Thanks for the info GENSEC. Yes, Fuji AoG Church will join you in this Prayer & Fasting. Ptr Gallos

Diana Gaad We’ll pray also here in Oregon.

Nora Catipon Jesus said in Mat. 18:19 that “if two of you on earth agree on anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.” How much more if 4000+ AG churches pray as a movement. What a power! As we pray and seek God, let us also be willing to hear from Him and do what He wants us to do for the glory and honor of His Name.

Cesar M. Omay We consider this appointed time ordained given to us to see God moving once again mightily in our AG churches as we pray and fast. Joining you all. God bless!

Lovelin Tapawan Dimla Praying for all of you! as well as the whole body of AG…..

Daniel Cubing thanks for the up-date….. and keeping us informed…. yes we are behind you in prayers…….

Ernesto Barroga Thanks for this. Praying for you. God bless the Gen. Executives and the PGCAG!

Romeoii de Guzman yes we will

Dory Lacay Salcedo Amen Pastor we go to Him with you.Signs and wonders will follow!

Rodolfo Panaguiton that’s great! praying from the 4 corners of the world. I salute you .

Salvador Gaygayed Yes Pastor,prayer is the best solution to our promlem in our organization,theres no one can hurt and remove among us, when we earnestly call on God. Praise His wonderful name.

Sam Somera Count me in. Thanks again.

Gunder Cubing amen….I would be happy to see God moving in our churches here in cebu.

Mel Go Fast and pray!

Ben Cabral we are reading the signs – indeed, our response is to fast and pray.

Narciso C. Dionson I am happy for this call to prayer. Planning is good. But Pentecostalism was and is a prayer movement.

Eli & Esther C Javier It is about time. Prayer and fasting was lifestyle for the older Pentecostals. It used to be that fasting was done once a week at least by ordinary members and not just ministers. Although in my condition now, I cannot fast, I am wholeheartedly with the whole movement.

Saul Dela Cruz Thank God for this wake up call….Hallelujah.

Rey Calusay Hi there Joseph, and all intercessors. The World AoG Missions Conference here has concluded, with a forward looking determination, and revitalized spirit to pursue the work of reaching the lost world for Jesus. I have sensed that the same Holy Spirit that directed the conference, had been leading us all along.

I have been in prayer and fasting as we covenanted.. And I am convinced that we can trust God for a breakthrough. This storm will pass, and we will come through better and stronger.

During this time of prayer, I thought of expanding our PGCAG prayer network by using not just the fb, twitter, etc. but also the cp.. The Cellphones would make members of our churches involved in prayer. I will confer with you more on this when I return. I fly tonight via KL. God bless you heaps.