Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Special Convention this October 26-28 can be called a “Change Convention” – it will be a convention for Change. Jesus said in Mark 2:22 “New wine calls for new wineskins” (NLTse).

There is a time in physical growth when your clothes should match your new and expanding size. There is also a time in multiplication growth of an organization when you need to  restructure for order, conservation, expansion and survival.

That time has come for the Assemblies of God in the Philippines. Already there are tell-tale signs that demands action for change or else the threat of deterioration and decline will impose itself. Someone said that when the need arise, reorganize! So, that is what we will do.

This task is huge and will take up so much time and maybe, tension. To give you a perspective of the roadmap we will use to bring about structural change,

1.     Consultation: (On-going). In The General Executive Meetings, LAMI, and NexT meetings inter-active dialogues has been conducted. In the District Convention visits, ideas for change has been noted. Restructuring Principles:

  • Simplify to the essentials
  • Depoliticize the spiritual process of selection of leaders
  • Empowerment of the Local Churches
  • Decentralizing the Superintending Function of Gencil
  • Improving the Financial and Resource System of the Local Church and Ministers
  • Synergize the efforts of Ministers and Churches for World and Local Missions
  • Upgrade the Training and Development of Young Leaders
  • h.     Prepare our movement for  growth and revival.

2.     Propositions: (Special “Change” Convention, OCT 26-28) Mostly on Structural and organizational Change on three areas:

  • The Local Church: Pastor’s tenure, Church Code, biblical management setup, inter-church relationship ethics, standardising support system and benefits, Church Delegate issue,The Laypastor System for Baranggay, The Property and Contract issue;  etc.
  • The District Council: Election process, Qualification of officers, Code of conduct of Ministers, School of Ordination, Defining Territorial Boundries; Issue of Incorporating; etc.
  • The General Council: Election Process, Qualification of Officers, Streamlining creation of Departments; Hiring a fulltime, executive Secretary (Manager) for Gencil Office; Mutual Benefits; Refocusing on Missions Purpose; Refocusing Regional Bible Colleges; etc.

3.     Amendments: (For the 1st Quarter, 2011) All our approved propositions (#2) will be the basis of wrting  the amendments for our Constitution and By-Laws documents. A Committee on Amendments will be formed to collate and write the draft. This document will then be distributed to our districts for review and endorsement by our Pastors.

4.     Ratification: (2011) we will schedule another special convention to Ratify the Amendment or through the district meetings. Praise God.

During this October convention, we will launch our decadal goal for 2011-2020. We will also decide on the institutionalizing of the Tithers Club and other programs for the benefit of our movement.

Praying with you,

Rey A. Calusay, General Superintendent/President

Download the Propositions to be discussed during the convention: Propositions 2011