Urgent Prayer Needed

Please pray for Mr. Richard Spencer, owner of Matling Industrial and Commercial Corporation. He needs a miracle. due to a multiple organ failure and now confined at the St. Luke’s Hospital. Also pray for Mrs. Catherine Spencer, his wife, for God’s comfort and strength during this time of need. Through the years, this Matling company has generously helped various ministries of the Assemblies of God in the Philippines.

Also, keep praying for Willie Abbott, although he had a successful 2nd brain surgery, he still needs to undergo intensive post-op treatments.  So far this is Ben Asban’s (CLDC dist. sup’t.) daughter Charis Mae’s update:

We will go back for another follow up on August 3 for the Obstetricians Gynecologist with her ultra sounds result.  At the same day, she has appointment with the Ophthalmologist to check to what extent her vision restoration.  August 31 will be her visit to her Neurologist. Come September 17 will be her follow up to Endocrinologist for evaluation with her laboratory results.  On October 13 Neuro Surgical Services will again recommend her for another MRI to find out if the tumor is gone or still growing.  Medications and travel expense are still our concerns.

Rev. Eusebio Apoya, sup’t of Southwestern Mindanao District Council is also struggling with tumor and lately is experiencing difficulty in speaking. Please uphold him in your personal and church prayers.