Urgent Prayer Needs

Please check our “Pray for” section tab out on a regular basis to continually pray for growing needs among our constituents. We are hoping we can come up with a prayer chain set-up for our churches (now 4,000) nationwide. Please call the gencil office and leave your prayer request so we can include it in our list.

I cannot argue enough the importance of prayer in our movement.  I feel in my “spirit” that we are presently experiencing some sort a spiritual attack among our ministers, leaders and family members. It was only in January when our district superintendent’s son in CLDC died and just recently his daughter underwent brain operation. Rev. Apoya, our district sup’t from Mindanao (SWMDC) is undergoing medical treatment at the PGH Manila. The grandson of  Rev. Julito Balista has been diagnosed with Leukemia. I’d like to share what Chad Visca shared to me via e-mail, a note he actually received from a certain family:

We went to visit Rocky (SHADD?) Balista this afternoon at the Philippine Children’s Hospital.  Glenn shared with us a short conversation between the little boy and Ebot.  “Mommy, naaawa ka ba sa akin?,”[do you pity me?] asked the little boy, to which his Mom replied, “Hindi naman.”[not really]  Then Shadd said, “Wag ka maawa sa kin.  Papagalingin ako ni Jesus.” [Don’t pity me, Jesus will heal me] Out of the mouth of babes indeed!

Shadd looked normal and gave no appearance of illness, except that he was hooked up to two tubes.

Glenn told us Shadd will require a weekly chemotherapy which will cost some P40K, and he will need some 13 treatments.  Let’s pray that the Lord will supply the needed resources, or better yet, that Shadd won’t need to undergo this long painful treatment…

Just today I received news about Herb and Karen Johnson, long-time missionary to the Philippines : “Yesterday, they were attacked while going to an ATM in PNG. Herb was critically injured as he tried to protect Karen. The main nerves, tendons and muscles in both arms were cut. He is being flown out to Australia on ermergency SIL plane. Please ask the brethren to pray for Herb, for God’s healing in his arms and presence with them as they go through this ordeal.”