By David Bates, Austalian SOS Volunteer

         John Robles is one of the SOS Volunteers in the team at Calapan, Mindoro in 2010. He is in his final year at Bethel Bible College in Manila.
John received Jesus into his life in 2004, when SOS volunteers held Bible studies in his house, in Jordan, Guimaras. He was baptized and he becaome a Core Group member of the church. John has dedicated his life to following Jesus. After completing Bible College, he will pastor a church-planting church.

        David Bates and Bill Smart from Australia were amongst the SOS Volunteers at Jordan, Gimaras in 2004. Here is the Bible study where John Robles received Jesus as his Savior.At this time John is a beautician and hardresser, and is married with two chlldren.

        Six months later in 2005 David Bates and Pastor Rick Lewis from Australia visited the church in Jordan, Guimaras. The owner of the karaoke bar had been converted, and the church, led by Pastor Jerry Arsenia and Pastor Rianne Bullones, met in the converted karaoke bar. John Robles is at this time an active member of the church, leading mens ministry, childrens ministry,   every kind of ministry!

By the grace of God, he will pastor a church-planting church!

 There were 4 other Australians who were with David Bates that joined the SOS team in Calapan, Mindoro. For more of their testimonies, click this link: Team Australia 2010