We thank God for what He has done in Tondo!  Vessel of Faith AG was born. Below is the final quantitative report.

SOS TONDO Final Quantitative Report
May 6, 2010

Number of Contacts: 510
Good Contacts: 288
Bible Studies Opened: 160
On-going average daily Bible studies: 20 BS per day
Repented and believed: 140
Prepared for Water Baptism: 26
Water Baptized: 10
Baptized in the Holy Spirit: 5
New Life Discipleship: 51
Small Groups formed: 10
Life Seminar 1 and 2 Attendance: 82
Life in the Spirit Seminar: 26
Youth Evangelistic event: 38
Godman Film showing (youth and kids): 80
Core Group Seminar attendance: 34
Core Group Committed and Signed @ FCM: 34
Enlisted leaders: 16
Grand Opening Service: 51 converts/contacts; 50+ visitors
IPR’s bound and turned over to Pioneer Pastor: 510

Submitted by:

Rev. Alvin Eleazar G. Tud(SGD)
STDC SOS 2010 Tondo, Manila
Field Director