Home Missions Department announces 9 church planting laboratories to start simultaneously in April 5-11, 2010. These church planting laboratories are facilitated by 8 host districts to provide hands on training for local church volunteers and church planting teams. These laboratories are in the following districts: BRDC, NIDC, NELDC, NODC, SCCDC, NEMDC, SWMDC and 2 in STDC (in Mindoro and Tondo-MNL).
          Meanwhile 52 churches from NWVDC under District Superintendent Rev. Jessie Villagracia are sending 147 volunteers and trainers including the GS ReY Calusay himself and his wife to join and help the local volunteers of the host districts. WVDC is also sending 8 volunteers. Later in April, 5 volunteers from Australia are joining the field work in Calapan, Mindoro. Two from Lanao District will go to SWMDC as trainers.
          After the training in April 11, highly organized teams numbering 30-35/team will be deployed for three weeks to 22 target places. Each team headed by a field director will work to turn over to a pioneer pastor a congregation committed as the core group of a newly planted church in the target place.
         This nationwide church planting every summer is an opportunity for AoG Philippines to work together to finish the OneJob. Home Missions Department is thankful to ICI for printing all the SOS manuals. Christian Education Dept. provided packets of books for the new church plants. This year, Book of Hope joins and offered their books as tools for getting contacts. Kudos to the pastors from NWVDC who take a month leave from their churches to serve as the field directors. Above all, Home Missions Department applauds the hundreds of volunteers, ordinary believers from the different participating churches who raised their Php3000 missions budget and offer their summer vacation for church planting.
          Be an active part of this OneJob of missions and church planting. Set daily prayer and intercession time as the teams travel, train, and plant churches from April 5-May, 3,2010. For regular updates on progress of the church planting projects check out these websites:
            Home Missions Department:
            Church Planting in the Philippines:
            SOS Updates: