J.R. Flower

Joseph R. Flower

“The Rev. Joseph Reynolds Flower, 97, long-time minister and former executive officer with   the U.S. Assemblies of God, entered the presence of the Lord, Monday, March 29. He was born in Indianapolis in 1913 and observed his 97th birthday on March 1.

U.S. Assemblies of God General Superintendent Dr. George O. Wood said, ‘For 44 years of our 96 year history, a Flower served as general secretary of the Assemblies of God. J. Roswell and Alice Reynolds Flower were part of a small company that helped found the church. J. Roswell served altogether 26 years as general secretary. Their son, Joseph R. Flower, was elected general secretary in 1975 and served until his retirement in 1993. It was my great privilege to succeed him in office. Brother Flower served our Fellowship with passion and excellence. He was a joy to be around. His wit and humor complemented his wisdom and godliness. The Assemblies of God is richer because of the contribution of this true Pentecostal statesman. He has now joined his dear wife, Mary Jane, in that heavenly host of witnesses. As a Fellowship, we are deeply indebted to them and their family for laying strong foundations that support today the world-wide outreach and growth of the Assemblies of God.’

Joseph Flower was a year old in 1914 when his father and mother, J. Roswell and Alice Reynolds Flower made a decision that was to change the destiny of the Flower family. His minister father attended the organizational meeting of the Assemblies of God in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and was elected general secretary of the new organization. Joseph’s parents transferred ownership of their Christian Evangel magazine (now the Pentecostal Evangel) to the Assemblies of God.”

An interview from Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center with J.R. Flower may be viewed at http://agtv.ag.org/Flower1980

*Taken from AG.org News & Information