GDCME organized

The Global District Council Middle East Section of the PGCAG was formally organized last Feb. 5, 2009 at the Majestic Hotel, Dubai, U.A.E. Five Filipino A/G churches in Dubai made a covenant to work together for His purposes in this area. One hundred thirty-six persons was the total attendance recorded for this historic event. The general secretary of PGCAG led in the installation of appointed officers for GDCME (Rev. Rewell Castro (STDC ordained), chairman; Rev. Ernesto Pailan (CLDC ordained), secretary; and Rev. Jesse Medina (CLDC ordained), treasurer. Other pastors in this section include Ptrs. Bonie Baldoman, Abel Suizo, Joseph Awal, Julius Palpeg, Frederick Catawe, Edgar Egam, Reynald Lozada, and Ma. Theresa Vacarizas (Bahrain).

The GDC Middle East officers in picture are (R-L): Rev. Nesty Pailan,  Rev. Jesse Medina, and Rev. Rewell Castro.