170 Attend LAMI 2010

The report from the registration committee showed very good representation from the 21 districts of PGCAG. Resource speakers include former general sup’t. Dr. Eli Javier, Rev. Joel Mendoza and Rev. Tom Dulatas. Dr. Javier presented two papers entitled “Ministerial Political Engagement: PGCAG Perspectives, and “A Sacred Exercise Gone Awry: A Look into Election Practices in the Philippines General Council of the Assemblies of God.” This was followed by a discussion and “challenging” reflections on recently held elections both in the general council and several districts conventions. Comments from the floor were duly accepted and affirmed by the national executives to ensure that future consideration of leaders in our general/district councils remain sacred and not tainted with “politics.” A resolution was offered to review present structures in order to address this need. Rev. Mendoza, formerly head of Central Luzon District Council, shared his long years of experience as leader to a group of sectional presbyters. Rev. Dulatas, an ordained minister from Southern Tagalog District Council addressed the value of having integrity on financial matters of our churches.

Click the ff. links to download Dr. Javier’s papers: Ministerial Pentecostal Engagement; A Sacred Exercise Gone Awry

Other stuff: 48 Laws of Power; YouTube link for the clip “Black Hole”

Some thoughts on Samahang Misyon . . .

The experience of the Holy Spirit among Pentecostals and particulary members of the Assemblies of God worldwide has always been integrally connected to the mission of Jesus. This focus and hope in the imminent return of Jesus Christ were the two energizing realities that inspired the twentieth century Pentecostal movement, with a zeal for global evangelism. Recent Philippine Challenge church growth stats show the Assemblies of God having the highest annual average church growth rate among the Evangelicals in the country.