LAMI 2010

The National Leadership Assembly, which serves as a consultative body of the PGCAG will meet on January 5-7, 2010 at the San Antonio Resort in Roxas City. This event allows the leaders to discuss and formulate strategic goals for further enrichment of the Assemblies of God in the Philippines. This annual meeting was also “reconstituted” in 2006 as the Leadership and Management Institute (LAMI) of the PGCAG that aims to provide capacity-building programs for the now 4,000 – strong Assembly of God churches nationwide.

Expected to be present for this gathering are the duly elected PGCAG General executives, District Council executives, Department heads, Presidents of Regional Bible Colleges, General Presbytery, and officially recognized executives of missionary fellowships.

Nota Bene: Registration begins at 9 AM followed by an opening  “working lunch” on January 5th.  The event ends on Thursday evening, January 7th. ALL DISTRICTS ARE REQUESTED TO BRING THEIR LATEST REPORTS ON CHURCH PLANTING (AND TOTAL NUMBER OF CHURCHES) STATS.