WVDC and NWVDC Send Volunteers to 8 Other Districts

 Since 2006, churches from the WVDC and NWVDC have been sending SOS volunteers to help in the church planting projects of other districts. This summer, 152 young people and adults from 56 churches in Capiz, Iloilo, Aklan, Antique and Romblon will travel by boat, plane and land to join the other districts that are conducting church planting laboratories; namely, BRDC, CVLL, NELDC, NEMDC, NIDC, NLDC, NODC and STDC. Amongst them are pastors and lay leaders who will serve as trainers, field directors, team officers and squad leaders. The pictures below show volunteers preparing to travel to Isabela and Pangasinan.Please remember to include them in your prayers. For a list of names of volunteers and their sending churches, log on to http://sosupdates.blogspot.com. 


 to Cavite To Bohol





2 thoughts on “WVDC and NWVDC Send Volunteers to 8 Other Districts

  1. I thank the Lord for all those vollunteers that comes from WVDC & NWDC who joined STDC’s SOS church planting thrust this year. There are 3 target areas for this year STDC’s SOS, Dasmarinas Cavite with Pastor Fred Mejerila as PP, Brgy. Holy Spirit in Commonwealth in Q.C. Pastor Arnel Galang as PP, and there will be one that will be church based support in Montalban or Rodriquez, Rizal and BCA Montalban as the Mother church, Pastor Alvin Tud as Senior pastor. We had 86 volunteers that will be divided to these 3 target areas….We hope that next year, we can raise more volunteers coming from STDC alone and hope to raise more pioneering pastors for this annual undertaking….. With the potentials in manpower and resources we hope to mobilize and rally all our churches from STDC thru this SOS strategy….Kudos to all the SOS Vollunteers 2009. Together… We can really do bettererrrr.!!!

  2. Aussie Team will join this year SOS in Brgy. Holy Spirit in Commonwealth. STDC is so grateful for their participation in this year’s STDC church planting thrust. We thank the SOS leadership thru Rev. Zeny Calusay for allowing this 6 man Aussie Team to be deploy and join the Commonwealth SOS… With the help of Austaralian Team, they can help reinforce the evangelism thrust in that area. We will be praying for their safety….Power to the Church…

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