GS Rey’s Last-Minute Announcement


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  1. I feel the need to comment.

    the election of members of the council executive officials during the triennal convention is precisely the reason why there is a convention as stated in the by-laws. it is therefore in order that it is the main interest.

    the agenda in the triennal convention is not ranked actually. so that there are no lower and higher agenda. they are made only in order and in accordance with the by-laws.

    the by-laws deifnes for us the order so it must be so. if the by-laws is set aside, then it is useless.

    that there are orders of business does not mean that the agenda are ranked accordingly. they are only ordered; otherwise, there would be choas during the business.

    so there will be comments later on as “Mr. Chairman, out of order” they must be heard to explain why it is so and if the explanation is not in accordance with the by-laws, it will then be rejected. if it is in accordance with the by-laws, then he must be upheld. this is healthy when it is done in order. 🙂

  2. Rex?

    I think what you said is non-negotiable, the election is already mandated by the by-laws. GS Rey’s point however, (I think) is that the true ‘spirit’ of coming together is beyond the business aspect of the convention. He outlined that clearly in his letter. Anyway, that is how I understand his words.


  3. We can’t do otherwise but to face the fact that we are coming for a political exercise. However, Pastor Rey was right saying that there is beyond that political exercise and that is the casue of the Gospel.

    Last December, I went to a district convention where I did not feel a political tension, instead, I was refreshed by the messages of God. Sana ganoon din during our national convention. The candidates were not really that assertive. They were calm and expectant of God’s direction.

    Let’s pray that the Lord will give us wisdom and direction in selecting our national officers. At the same time, that He’ll pour out His Spirit upon us as we listen to the different motivational presentations. Let’s not waste our time in the Convention. It’s so expensive. However, if the right Spirit will be there, it’s more than worth it.

    Congratulations to the organizers.

    See you there.


  4. I am surprised to read that the election of officers in the PGCAG is now characterized as a ‘political exercise.’ Is this only reflecting current reality in the organization?
    I am sure the by-laws does not call it that.
    Nagtatanong lang.
    Thank you.

  5. Dear Brother kier b.

    At the outset, I like to say sorry because you are “nabigo”, were hurt and disappointed because you “voted” for me and did not like what I did.

    The Manifesto on Act to Free our Election, was not necessarily my idea. It was the decision of all the Executive Officials of the 21 Districts. We are making a stand and it was decided to better put it into writing expressing and demonstrating our unanimous sentiment on what the world considers immoral – “Vote-buying. This was signed by our leaders who believe that our way of choosing leaders is sacred and must be protected.

    It was a risk leaders would take to be blamed when they try to make a clean stand against such. And it was not easy for me to even speak about it in public. We are not attacking “victims” of vote buying, neither are we defending. We are taking a moral stand against the practice itself and against those who are introducing it as a practice in the Assemblies of God.

    Thank you for attending the Convention – but I wish you heard what I said and the context, because I was not against you (whoever you are – since you did not give your full name.) The statement you picked about “double jeopardy” was defending the likes of you, because it is possible for the rich to exploit the poor (James 2:6) as vote-buying was designed to exploit!

    Also, I am amazed that you did not know kung sino ang nagbibigay.. Ni hindi mo man lang inalam kung sino, at di mo man lang na-sense kung bakit — lalo na sa panahon ng gencil election? I appreciate the fact that you can judge an action to wise or to be “without wisdom” and you judged what I said, but I feel the bias there.

    At bakit kayo nabigyan ng free hotel ng hindi nyo nga nakikilala pero yung iba hindi naman nakatanggap ng ganung favors.. eh may financial difficulties din naman sila.. lahat naman yata tayo di ba? Favoritism din yan. Ano kaya ang wisdom diyan?

    Later, with the lessons we learned from what happened, we will propose changes to de-politicize a little bit our election process. You may give me your suggestions. My email is

    Brother kier, I wish I know you well so I can respond properly, in a way that you will not be hurt or disappointed. I pray that you will forgive our limitations, and will be fair with me – in not being easily offended but in the spirit of friendship allow me also to dialogue with you.

    I still remain sincere with you,

    Rey Calusay

  6. Eli,

    It is easy to say unkind things to others while you hide in anonimity. Your hostile approach and adversarial statements will not help your cause in correcting others who are less perfect than you are!
    It is easy to accuse others when you can hide yourself — then shoot them from the dark.

    Maybe, it feels good to make your leaders look bad and judge them by what you see. Maybe it feels good to be acting like a god, like having omniscience? Go ahead enjoy your divinity!

    To be walking in the light, would be better place for dialogue – when you as my brother has a face and a personality that we can relate… and we are not being ridiculed.

    I think unbelievers are more respectful sometimes when they talk to their leaders, or about their leaders (Acts 23:5) than some of the believers to theirs.

    We are open to you for face to face chat/dialogue. If you can give us a Christian face, we will try to answer your accusations or challenge your conclusions.

    Rey Calusay

  7. ric from surigao del sur,

    You said it well – how we need to unite, etcetera, etcetera… blah blah blah.

    It escapes me however, why you have to add “hambog” – in your otherwise good and godly comment. Is this more of what mud-slinging we are currently receiving?

    You said you are praying for us: Is this really how you pray for your leaders – to make sure that God knows you are praying for hambog leaders?

    And may I ask if this is the opinion of all our pastors in Mindanao about their newly elected leaders, since you wrote “in behalf of Mindanao Pastors”???

    Kung totoo ang sabi mo na ito’y “ipinagkaloob ng Panginoon” sa mga liders na na-elect, bakit mo pa dinagdagan ng insulto? Ahh siguro mas lamang ka pa sa Panginoon??

    Rey Calusay

  8. Beloved Saints,

    To be silent in facing personal attacks has been my choice response for many years. I think it is because it concerns just me, period.

    But now the attack concerns the office I have sworn to now devote my respectable life. It is about a trust. So forgive me if silence can be broken.

    I thought if these men (as addressed previously) can speak in a public blog like they did to their leaders, who of the lesser saints (if there is such a thing) would be safe from verbal abuse?

    I thought we are Christians but now I am alarmed – that a believer in order to be willing to serve in leadership must also prepare to face verbal abuse – in public. One must learn to defend himself from the “brotherhood”.

    I am prepared to do my duty. I am not alone in this. God is my witness – I am not accepting this function to oppose God but to please God.

    God have mercy on us.

    Rey Calusay

  9. We are all created different and unique to value one another, to love, and to accept.

    To tell you honestly it was dissapointing to think that “we are not supposed to live the world’s way but we really are” (quoted from rox comment at triennial 2009).

    We love the pastor, i am not a pastor yet i admire the work of the pastor but knowing what happen at the 2009 convention was really terrible. I don’t know the reason of giving free accommodation to some while not to others, only the person who do that can answer that. Yet, the reality is that, we are in the mood of election so why this time? why not during the time where there is no election?

    I am hopeful of a better future for PGCAG. I am hopeful for a united PGACG and i am hopeful for ONE HEART for PGCAG.

    I love you so much pastors despite of your personality, i really love you all and i appreciate all your labor in the lord.

    Let us support our officers no matter what, else we will be like the way of the WORLD… we will be like PHILIPPINES itself,,, where all the senators doesn’t support the president.

    Quoed from Triennial 2009 comment (rox): “i can’t imagine life without grace” else we will all be judge soon because of our wrong doings…

    God bless PGCAG



  10. Greetings in the name of the Lord esus Christ.

    Am so happy to know your e-mail, ang mga nangyari sa convention ay nakaka gulat, ang mga reactionng karamihan ay galit, sa iba ok lang.

    Marahil sa kasabihan you can not please all the people, pero sa akin malaking hamon po sa inyo yan, maydahilan ang Dios kung bakit ng yari ang bagay na di inaasahan.
    Panalangin ko po sa iyong lahat na ipagpatuloy ninyo ang bagay na pinapagawa na Dios sa inyo, kaya ninyo yan sa tulong ng Dios na buhay, kung ano mang pag kukulang ng sinoman ay dapat ipanalangin parin ang nasa posisyon, di na dapat pagusapan ang mga mali kundi magtulong-tulong tayo dahil kristyano lahat tayo.
    Sir. ang panalangin ko sa inyo gamitin kayo ng Dios sa hamon na ito at ipagpatuloy ninyo ang kalooban ng Dios. GOD BLESS PO SA INYO MAGING ANG BOONG PAMILYA NINYO.

    Your Prayer warrrior, ptr.m

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