Triennial 2009 Schedule

The OneJob Cebu general council schedule in May can now be downloaded. Just click this link onejob09-sked. You need a pdf reader for this. Also please check out the “Gencil ‘O9” tab for more info about the OneJob event.



2 thoughts on “Triennial 2009 Schedule

  1. I was privilege to be part of this year’s convention. It was a nice experience yet a very unorganized activity i have ever attended.

    May i start with the registration. It was actually and totally terrible. Imagine, there are more than two thousand people attended yet the way of registration as if intended for only 100 participants. You may its unexpected but to tell you this, it shouldn’t be, why? because this is actually “Election” for the executives of PGCAG. That was so dissapointing and very difficult for the conventionist even to the youth to really go after the way you prepare it.

    Next, with the way you treated the people. We heard that one of the running executive give speacial attention to some by paying thie hotel accommodation… What kind of Christian values are we expecting to share to the future generation of our church… to the youth? Oh my God, that is so so sad to think about… I thought we are not to take the world’s way yet we are indulging with what the world is saying…

    Third, what happen to the staff? Why are they fighting (silently talking against about each other). To tell you honestly, i am so sad to realize that instead of pushing each other up to reach the goal, yet there are “some” (if really “some) speak against the other “major staff” and people saw it as i knew it.

    Fourth, we are supposed to love each other yet instead of doing so, some chose to hurt other by their “firy tongue”.

    The session at the plenary… this is of course partly due to lack of rules or strong implementation of it. During the session, the delegates are scaterred and seems not interested. And you can see them roaming aroung the CICC and resting outside the plenary while the other delegates are busy doing their things.

    The food… this is really wow… nice food but i hope next time it will consider the health of the pastor…

    The food… this is really sad… some have two tickets though they are just one… how could that be? PASTORS are supposed to be honest… (i hope so)

    the food… i hope next time you make the estimation of participants correctly so that all the delegates who deserve to eat the food can have their part.

    USHERS… thank you very much,,, you’re the blessings and the future of AG Philippines… Keep on serving the Lord we appreciate your labor… Great is your reward in heaven…

    Though, some pastors and delegates left their name as “pastor” in their home town that’s why they have the guts to act like “street people”. NO DISCIPLINE”””

    Those are just comments to consider, it doesn’t mean all those comments are correct. Yet, i hope you will consider that next time…

    Praise God “i can’t imagine a life without Grace”.
    We’re blessed because God is gracious, if not probably all of us in the CICC receive judgment from God for the things we done that really affects other people.

    I am really expecting and desiring that God through the pastors and future leader will raise PGCAG in a more extravagant acts of goodness for people aroung it.

    ONE JOB… lets start this within us. It will never be effective if our hearts is not ONE in CHRIST.

    SOLO DIOS BASTA!!! Viva Kristiyanismo!!!

    VIVA Kristiyano…

    PGCAG be ONE for Christ…

    God bless you all…

  2. I tend to agree to most of your observations. I was there too…and have seen them by myself. Its quite tragic that people who preach righteousness and godliness are in need of lessons in good conduct, proper decorum, professionalism and cleanliness!

    May the Lord have mercy on us…

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