Panagbenga 2009

band1sUsually held during the month of February, the Panagbenga Festival features various array of floral floats and cultural dances. Baguio City is the summer capital of the Philippines. It is estimated that the city is at an altitude of 1500 meters (5,100 ft.) in a moist tropical pine forest conducive to the growth of mossy plants and orchids nestled within the Cordillera Central mountain range of northern Luzon. To a large extent the city is built on a hilly terrain and this is reflected in the network of snaking roads that criss-cross the city.

hedrest3sSince February 1995, this flower festival has not failed to draw many people from different parts of the country because of its unique offering. This year, our very own Assemblies of God churches in Baguio got their hearts together and put up an A/G float as a testimony of God’s goodness to the people of Baguio.



7 thoughts on “Panagbenga 2009

  1. WOW. Finally. God’s goodness should be declared proudly and this is one of them. Thank you to our Baguio Churches for putting this together and making it a reality.

  2. Peks,

    It was really great. As our Lord gets the glory, thanks also goes to Kay Fountain, pastor of Int’l. Praise Center A/G for the idea, Rev. Gaiwen for the flowers and Rev. Lopez for his support. It was a sight to see our own with a cross on it, sandwiched by two other floats with icons of materialism and greed! But God’s love in Christ reigns supreme as we know.

  3. I watched the festival on TV. when I saw the AOG float I nearly cried. I thought it was an excellent idea. People has to know that God loves them. The festival was a perfect avenue for declaring that.

  4. Im just surfing the net and think of clicking about anything on AOG and to know whats in it and havent expected of seeing a float. Its really good to know that the Church is stretching in in declaring the goodness of the LORD and happy to be part of AOG. Eventhough I cant be with the church during sundays for im away from home I really missed the times when I woke up in the morning and preparing to go for the service but looking forward everytime to worship together with the church and family member having the chance of going back home again..thanx Pastor Dante for the times youve prayed for me. Pastor Lopez is doing a great job for the temple. Keep up..

  5. Kudos! to all our brethren in Baguio for taking part in last Panagbenga Festival to show case God’s Goodness…. Also Kudos to my “katoto” and friend Pastor Dom Lopez for spearheading that undertaking… May all your tribes increased!!! Yo! Madaydayaw ti Apo Dios!

  6. That is a unique and creative way for community awareness about the AOG churches in Baguio and its ministry. Saludo kami sa inyong lahat: Kay Fountain, Dom Lopez, and all who participated the event.

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