Luzon Consultation

luzcon1sDistrict officials from five districts (NLDC, NIDC, NELDC, SCCDC, STDC) together with the PGCAG executive officers met last Feb. 12-13, 2009 to discuss district boundary issues. At the consultation held in Int’l Charismatic Service, Inc., Mandaluyong City, several key issues were hammered out and yielded positive results at the end of the meeting.  In order to come up with necessary changes in the present set up, guiding principles were established by the group.

These are (in order of priority):

1. Principle of  Integrity. Keeping the integrity of duly defined district boundaries.
2. Principle of Practicality – proximity, accessibility, cultural sensitivity, and financial stability.
3. Principle of Submission
4. Principle of Endorsement
5. Principle of Consensus
6. Principle of Conformity – consistency to widely (tradition) accepted forms.
7. Principle of One Province, One District
8. Principle of Expediency – to the goals and vision of PGCAG

At the end of the meeting, a manifesto was signed by all participants with a commitment to implement the agreed changes in district boundaries. Download this document here (pdf): Mandaluyong Manifesto.





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