NeXT 2008

GS Calusay met with his District Superintendents last Aug. 5-7 in his home turf Roxas City.  GS Rey was joined by his other gencil executives, AGS Phil Acena and GenSec Joseph Suico. AGWM partners were also invited as well as other PGCAG-related ministries such as ICI and NYMD. Rev. Calusay presided all the meetings and gave inspiriing messages during the evening meetings. All participants were billeted at the very nice San Antonio Resort. Roxas City, being the country’s seafood capital did not disappoint everyone’s expectation. The staff of FARM (First Assembly Roxas Ministries) were more than generous in their warm hospitality (of course Pastors Rey and Zeny get the credit as well). Rev. Banzon, our media dep’t head and appointed as next year’s gencil convention manager gave a well-organized presentation regarding plans for the triennial meeting.


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