Cebu NExT Meeting


GS Rey Calusay met with all district superintendents last June 26-27, 2007. at the Institute of Religion and Culture Philippines in Guadalupe, Cebu City.

For the first time in many years all the twenty district superintendents came to attend the meeting. Highlights of the event include planning workshop and discussion of various issues which affect the organization.

(Left-Right – Standing: T. Dayaoen, NIDC; G. Cabajes, CVLL; E. Apoya, SWMDC; A. Barcellano, NODC; C. Lapura, EVDC; L. Nanglegan, NELDC; E. Cebuala, NEMDC; J. Gallos, NWVDC; M. Singcol, CMDC; B. Carbiero, LDC; A. Sibuala, NWMDC; E. Germo, WVDC. Sitting: G. Cruz, STDC; R. Sumayao, BRDC; C. Lumahan, NLDC; R. Panes, PDC; R. Calusay, PGCAG; E. Taboclaon, NCMDC; E. Basilio, SEMDC; L. Panaguiton, SMDC; J. Mendoza, CLDC.)


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  1. Ptr joseph,

    this is a good documentation to remerber and great fellowship to recall in missions partnership and unity in leadership as one of the D.S.

    ptr johnny

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