Tri-District Prayer Conference

Here’s a report from NLDC Sup’t. Conrado Lumahan:

We had our First Tri-District Prayer Conference last November 28-30. For the first time Northern Luzon District Council (NLDC, organized as a District in 1953), Northern Ilocandia District Council (NIDC, 1969) and Northeastern Luzon District Council (NELDC,1992) gathered at Luzon Bible College (LUBIC) for study of the Word and prayer. In addition, it’s also a grand reunion for the three Districts. Oh what a fellowship! Oh what a crowd! Oh what a joy to see missionaries, ministers and members alike worshipping God together and receiving God’s touch!

Rev. Samuel Lam, the General Superintendent of AG Vietnam (a Communist Country) and Dr. Vincent Leoh, the General Superintendent of AG Malaysia (a Muslim Country), were our guest speakers. Pastor Samuel Lam preached practical but powerful messages enriched with his life’s testimony. Vietnam AG has 300 churches, with 10 Ordained Pastors and 28 licentiates. Most of these churches are pastored by laypeople. Indeed, Imprisonement is one of the prerequisites for ordination and issuance of licence to preach. The Church in Vietnam is persecuted, powerful and pentecostal.On the other hand, Dr. Vincent Leoh preached powerful and pentecostal, expository and timely messages. (Malaysia AG has over 400 churches). Our people will cherish the messages of our two invited speakers. As a result of the preaching of the word and prayer, people are enlightened, enriched, and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Both ministers and members responded to altar calls wholeheartedly and expectantly. Indeed, LUBIC campus became an altar for the people to pray. I pray that this revival fire will spark in our churches as “wild fire” that would consequently make them missionary churches. I really want to see 50 churches planted every year in our District and ministers become missionaries to other nations either long term or short term missionaries. I also pray that NIDC and NELDC will plant more churches as a result of the move of the Holy Spirit during the Conference.

In addition to the great move of the Holy Spirit, there is also a great move of people to become blessing to others. Rev. Samuel Lam said, “God wants to bless you and be a blessing to others.” In addition, Dr. Vincent Leoh stated, here is a formula to be a blessing: “Find a need” and “meet a need.” Thank God for APTS Study Body that donated a new LCD for LUBIC and NLDC to use. Thank God for Dr. Vincent Leoh who committed to shoulder the expenses (through Glad Tidings Church) of the roof of the unfinished gym at LUBIC.

At the culmination of the Conference I made an official announcement that the executives of the three Districts (met twice for official dialogues- July 2003, August 2006) would like to resolve the jurisdictional problems. NLDC would release its Ilocos Section that is geographically belonging to NIDC, Southern Cagayan Valley Section to NELDC and it’s up for the Northern Cordillera Section composes of the Provinces of Apayao and Kalinga to choose District of its preference. I explained to them this move would lessen the number of the churches of NLDC, but PGCAG does not lose any church. This action is painful but it’s for the good of movement. My defination for AG is “Ang Ganda” (It’s beautiful) not “Ang Gulo” (it’s chaotic). The realization of this plan will be on or before 2009. If this will be realized, LUBIC would become a Regional Bible College for the three Districts.


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  1. Ptr. Jess,

    Thanks for your comments. I will check this out for you. I’ll let you know in due time. God bless you too!

  2. Hi, I am wondering if you can help me, I met Rev. Samuel Lam a few years ago with a group of Austrian ministers. We came to Vietnam to do a conference for him and had a blessed time. I am in Ho Chi Minh City now and would love to contact Rev. Samuel Lam, I will be here till Dec 19th 2007 do you have a phone number or e-mail I can have to get in touch with him?
    He may remember me I am friends with Rev. Neil Earl from Australia.
    Blessings Ed Elliott

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