Report from Missionary Warren & Victoria Aragona

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Progress of God’s wo
rk is inevitable. In spite of expected persecution and hardships, the gospel thrives even better in the hearts of these new Cambodian believers. Last Sunday, September 24, 2006, forty four attended the service and I asked one man who recently gave his heart to the Lord – “Why did you come when you very well know that your village chief does not want you to learn about Jesus?” He timidly answered in Khmer language “It’s OK, its no problem, we could learn whatever we want to learn.” It amazes me to see the son-in-law of the first convert of Phum Sakun village, where our opposition is strongest, come to the services on Sundays. It was his son whom we buried in a small, secluded patch of land. By the decision of the grandfather, they did not ask for Buddhist monks or elders to the burial rights but called for us Christians to do it even though they clearly knew of the threats that they will be specifically singled out in their community if they associate with Preya Yesu (God -Jesus). Now its not just the grandfather who follows the Lord in times of trial but also his son-in-law.

The growth of the 4 female believers we baptized last June is growing deeper in spite of insults they had faced. They now pray and witness to their relatives all by themselves and see the need to evangelize others. Several weeks ago, God allowed us to baptize again seven new believers. Two wanted to be immersed too last Sunday.

Regardless of any circumstance, God has indeed designed the church to relentlessly invade the last frontiers of the gospel. On the aftermath of Victoria’s bleeding two months ago, God moved my heart to spread the gospel through tracts. On my bicycle, I went around and handed more than 2 thousand tracts to 2 thousand plus people. It was a mixture of joy, exhaustion, sweat, frustration and fulfillment. On a return trip, I could see people lined up reading the tracts, knowing for a fact, that for many of them, it is a first-time-encounter with the Gospel that will determine their eternal destination.

Although majority of the recipients willingly accepted the tracts and a few out rightly rejected or had nothing to do with the God who created the universe, it makes me still wonder how much more people, tribes and nations need to be evangelized? From the farthest place where you had sent us Filipino missionaries, still lies an immense harvest field that stretches from Stung Traeng to the tribes of Ratanakirri, which borders Vietnam. To the North, spreads the country of communist Laos that extends all the way to China by the way of the Great Mekong River. Should we leave these areas through chance hoping that God might evangelize them someday? Or aren’t we the ones who have been commanded by the Lord to go and make disciples of all nations….and to ends of the earth?

We definitely need your prayers but I would like to stretch it further. Please have the churches and congregation fast and pray for us and the Cambodian believers. Only God knows and eternity will tell how you have affected the nations of the earth.